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"My goal is to teach my customers how to eat"

     Known for its "Dieta del bocadillo" and the book " La dieta Anti Dukan" (Editions B) published together Ana María Pascual in 2012, Terica Uriol aims to help you lose weight and improve the health of your customers. Advocates a method that does not put health at risk and that is based on the well-known nutritional pyramid.

In his book "La dieta Anti Dukan" lists the health risks of the method of the Frenchman Pierre Dukan, assuring that the Dukan diet is hyperproteic, ketogenic and in extreme cases can damage some organs of the body.

Terica Uriol is currently consulting at its clinics located at General Pardiñas Street Nº. 40 (Madrid), at Paseo de la Chopera Nº. 29 (Alcobendas).